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Mind Body Spirit ​

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy Today

Personalised Hypnotherapy and Strategic Therapy for problems such as Anxiety, Weight Control, Addictions, Children and Teenager issues such as bullying , eating disorders, dependencies on alcohol/drugs.

Our clinic prides itself on offering advice and guidance to every person who walks through the door. We practice several modalities which include:

* Clinical Hypnotherapy

* Strategic Psychotherapy

* Ego State Therapy


We work with modern strategies!!! Strategies that avoid spending time on the past....concentrating more on recognising your resources and strengths, and helping you to move forward with them.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a highly recognised method used for centuries to alter negative thoughts and habits..

Some of the problems that Jacklyn and her staff have successfully treated are :

Anxiety, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Phobias, Fears, PTSD, OCD, The effects of Covid, Relationship Issues, Response Therapy 

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotic or ‘trance-like’ states have been used to treat physical and mental health since

ancient times. The Egyptians used ‘dream temples’ while the Greeks used ‘sleep

temples’ to treat ill health. Since then hypnosis has been researched and developed

scientifically to treat a wide variety of health conditions. A Clinical Hypnotherapist can

offer effective alternatives to certain conditions and help you deal with problems through

very safe strategies.

Hypnosis makes use of our mind / body connection, understanding how our thoughts

and feelings can influence our physical health, just as our physical health can influence

our mental health. Hypnotherapy uses relaxation, visualisation, and suggestion

techniques to guide you into a state of deep restfulness.. The brain becomes more

focused and you enter a hypnotic state. Throughout this safe treatment, you hear and

remember everything the Therapist is saying and you are always in control.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective in Pain Management, Anxiety, PTDS, Weight

Control, Depression, Fears, Addictions and so much more!!!

Why not give Jacklyn a call for a no obligation chat ….I think you will be pleasantly

surprised at how beneficial this treatment is , and has been for hundreds of years!!


Anxiety is often worrying about the future and the unknow... Anxiety and stress often 

mesh, as they are related to concerns about 'what if's'.

We can help you feel more calm, more relaxed, at peach, in control and worry less. 

We can help you develop strategies and tools to help you deal with anxiety in 

a better way; to know what to do when you feel anxious. 


When you are feeling stressed you may be experiencing:-

poor sleep
woolly or foggy brain

Irritable and snappy

negative thoughts and attitude 

We can help you get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed every day.

With the right tools, we can help you take back control, improving your work and home life 


Have you reached the point where your constant weight loss battle is really impacting 

your quality of life?

We can help you find the answers. Through Hypnotherapy and positive strategies, we can help

you stop the overwhelming struggle to maintain your health. 

We can help you discover the origins of the destructive patterns, change them, and then adopt new strategies

 for better eating patterns.  We will assist you to feel better about your body and be confident to embrace 

your life again.


Have you attempted other methods of quitting an addition and been unsuccessful: 

Don't want to be lectured on the health danger of smoking? 

We can help you find the inner strength to break the addiction cycle and end behaviours

 that are not positive for you...

We have proven track record of helping people change their subconscious

 behaviours in an easy and natural way. 


Do you have fear or phobia that is impacting your life:

We often find ways avoid these situation and not act on the fear. 

 Only when we are faced with no option do we seek help. 

We can assist your to overcome your fear/phobia in a comfortable, safe and natural way. 

We can help you get on that plane, visit the dentist or face any other fear that has been restricting your life.

We have assisted clients, who have held on to their fears for more that 50 years, returning their control and transforming their lives. 


While everyone has experienced sadness, not everyone has experienced depression. 

Depression is insidious. It affects not only your mood but also your ability to feel, think and function. It blunts sensations of pleasure, closes off connectedness, stifles creativity, and  shuts down hope.

 It also causes deep emotional pain to those close to the person experiencing it... 

Please know that your are not alone and help is available

We can help you develop the tools to get you back to living your life well, in a natural way. 


Trauma can be caused by any event that has a lasting painful effect on our psychological 

and emotional wellbeing.

Traumatic experiences can also take place in our relationships, in childhood,

 as an adult, or even in a toxic work place. If this sounds like something you are experiencing, 

please research out to get some advice and guidance about your situation. 

We can help you develop the strategies to deal with, and overcome your trauma. 


As parents and guardians, all we want is the happiness and wellbeing of our children.

In today's world, there is immense pressure on young people, resulting 

significant growth in anxiety and depression in children. Through a proven Hypnotherapy treatment, 

we can help your children overcome poor self-confidence issues, social anxiety, eating disorders,

 performance at school/sport, O.C.D. traumatic events and become carefree again. 


Do you suffer from Chronic Pain or long lasting pain that is restricting your life 

and are relying on heavy medications to offer some type of relief. We can help you

reduce the pain that your are living with. Through Hypnotherapy sessions, 

which focus on changing your beliefs about pain and reducing pain sensations,

and Hypnos analgesia (which uses a warming methodology) have been proven to have

 a very positive outcome in the short term and also permanent pain and other symptom reductions.


Do you struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Living with OCD can be incredibly lonely and restricting on your life. 

If left untreated, this condition can quickly worsen, affecting almost every aspect of your life.

We can help you deal with OCD's exhausting and debilitating effects on your life.

Through a variety of Hypnotherapy treatments we can assist you to effectively 

manage the/your OCD symptoms and regain control of your life.


What our customers are saying

Just did a hypnotherapy session with Jackie, and found it extremely helpful for my anxiety levels (currently a student who experiences a lot of stressors). Also got some great tips for dealing with anxiety and stress. Highly recommend to anyone who would like to deal and cope with their anxiety and any other challenges, the whole experience was extremely relaxing.. Liam W. 08/07/2022

Do you suffer from high levels of procrastination and anxiety? Then Jackie is the person to go to. With her compassion, professionalism and high expertise she guided me to the root of all that and showed me how to make changes there. Dealing with this unhelpful patterns for years and having tried other modalities, I can ensure you that Jackie will bring all her knowledge as if it is specifically designed for you and your needs with genuine humour. First time I do therapy and I am having fun🙂. Now I can tackle my to do list effectively and manage life's insecurities with a sense of inner strength that I never thought I had. Now my past is behind and I am looking forward the future I choose!!! Thank you Jackie for helping me discover that, thank you for showing me how to take control of my life

I couldn't have done it without you🧡 Elli...17/6/2022

 Ego State Therapy

What is Ego State Therapy? Ego-state therapy is a parts-based psychodynamic approach to treat various behavioural and cognitive problems within a person. It uses techniques that are common in group and family therapy, but with an individual patient, to resolve conflicts that manifest in a "family of self" within a single individual

Each ego state is an entire system of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours from which we interact with one another. Parent, Adult and Child ego states and an interaction between them form the foundation of transactional analysis theory. Ego states are a consistent pattern of thinking, feeling and behaviour

In simple terms, this form of treatment involves interacting with different parts of ourselves, either through Hypnosis or visualising. It is basically talking to the parts of us that are causing conflict / behavioural issues and resolving the conflict… eg, when you are eating something that is not good for you, parts of you are not comfortable doing it, but you do it anyway. Its about finding a resolution !!

Strategic Psychotherapy

What is Strategic Psychotherapy? As a form of therapy strategic psychotherapy aims to bring the client to a point of understanding and new skills and processes that are beneficial in combating the issues that they might be struggling with.

This modality concentrates on accessing the resources available to the client and implements strategies to shift conditions and unfavourable behaviour patterns. Concentrating on focusing the treatment on the future, it is a modality that rarely needs to address past issues/ traumas.


What is TFT? Thought Field Therapy is an energy-based form of psychotherapy designed to reduce symptoms of psychological distress by manipulating how energy flows in the body. TFT is based on the premise that bodies consist of energy fields and that imbalances in this system cause physical and emotional issues. It is thought imbalances can be corrected by finger tapping specific energy points in certain sequences in order to restore an individual's health and wellness. Some claim TFT produces rapid, lasting results in the treatment of various psychological conditions, including phobias, addictions, anxiety, trauma, and depression.

It has been applied by medical practitioners to a wide range of physical concerns and some individuals seeking help for mental health challenges may also find it a helpful approach.