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Mind Body Spirit ​

Ear Candling

The ancient clearing method has been used by Egyptians, the Chinese, Greeks and the Hopi Indians of America. The process involves using a specially made hollow candle which is held gently on the edge of the ear to create a vacuum  in the ear, drawing out old wax, residues of past infections and fungus. Candling is said to stimulate the immune system and peripheral blood circulation.  Ear candles may also be used to cleanse and harmonize a person's energy fields of auras, prior to medication. Ear Candling is a traditional method of removing built up congestion in the ears. 


 A  hollow cylinder made of wax and calico is lit and held within a cone and placed gently in your ear.

The warmth of the cylinder softens the wax and built-up fluid and this is then drawn up and released

safely and gently. Ear candling can be helpful with sinus congestion. It can also assist with some hearing issues. It is also useful before flying and for swimmers’ ear. It is gentle, safe and relaxing.

Session lasts 1 hour – cost $100

Sessions available upon request, Saturday/Sunday